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November 28 2014

Unique corporate gift ideas

The Sweetie Jar is the go to place for some excellent and truly unique corporate gift ideas. They have a massive choice of personalised sweets and chocolate which make great gifts to your corporate events, customers and clients as many thanks gifts, or even for your team. - Unique corporate gifts


Everything can be branded with your custom logo, and they do individual sweets jars, gift boxes and hampers. They've traditional and retro sweets from the 1970s and 1980s, which always spark conversation and fun when they're received as all of us have fond memories of such sweets.


I have spent a long time searching the internet for unique gifts so I thought I would let you know about this place - the Sweetie Jar, and since they have a great video it can make it even more fun to share.


I suggest checking them out at their website - link above and present them a try. The services friendly and fast, and ordering is fast and simple. I love them.


So I hope this helps you during your search for some unique corporate gifts. - Unique corporate gifts

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